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FIWARE Monitoring GEri is the key component to allow incorporating monitoring and metering mechanisms in order be able to constantly check the performance of the system, but the architecture should be easily extended to collect data for other required needs. Monitoring involves gathering operational data in a running system. Collected information can be used for several purposes:

  • Cloud users to track the performance of their own instances.
  • SLA management, in order to check adherence to agreement terms.
  • Optimization of virtual machines.

The monitoring system is used by different Cloud GEs in order to track the status of the resources. They use gathered data to take decisions about elasticity or for SLA management. Whenever a new resource is deployed in the cloud, the proper monitoring probe is set up and configured to start providing monitoring data.

FIWARE Monitoring source code can be found here.


GitHub’s README provides a good documentation summary, and the following cover more advanced topics:

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